Linked In for business and Other Social Media

Proving to be an excellent start to 2011, the local FSB committee held a new members evening which brought along a record breaking number of attendees with over 70 people. 

The extremely useful Linked In talk was given by committee member Nigel T Packer who started by pointing out that to make the most of this and other social media some thought must be given to an entry.

He then went on to give the following very beneficial tips:

Get some training
You would not jump into the pilot’s seat of a Jumbo jet and try to take off without any training would you?  So if you don’t want to crash and burn in social media it is worth getting a day’s social media training on the subject.

Know your customers
You can say that all your customers are on all social media platforms but do they want to see you in the media that they choose to discuss their current romance hobbies holidays or social engagement with friends?

Make a plan!
What do you want to achieve from your activities?  Make sure there is an objective and you have time to do it.

Set up a profile

Make sure you have the right type of profile for the platform you are using.

Use all the functionality
There is more to a social media platform than just posting a profile.  Use the various functions on offer.

Keep posting
If you choose to use social media for business be in it for the long haul.  You must keep doing something on the platform on a regular basis or people will forget you.

Reputation management
Remember that everything you publish online will remain there for many years.  Write with care publish thoughtfully.

Thanks to Nigel people went away at the end of the evening with a better understanding of what they should be doing and no doubt felt it was time well worth spent.

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